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Godcoin and Giving on Demand.
Donating to People and Causes you care about made SIMPLE.
A 'real use' token with
a fully integrated donation platform.
Turn your 'Likes' into Donations
Push Like, choose an amount from the list or enter a different amount and your Donation is sent automatically using Godcoin!

Godcoin intends to revolutionize the charitable giving industry and return control back to the actual donors. We are developing a new, innovative Giving On Demand Platform. By design it will include a fully integrated blockchain and social network, payment processing, wallet and donation and contribution apps. The ultimate strategy is to make it possible for more money from donations and gifts to reach the people and organizations who desperately need the help instead of donors being forced to pay intermediaries to facilitate their transactions.

Size Of The Charity Market
$ 390


donated yearly to charity in the top 6 countries

$ 200


spent daily on charitable activities by the charity sector



registered and operating worldwide

$ 30


online givings in 2017 and counting

Online Giving
With Consistent Growth

Transparency and the ability to track donations from the point of the actual donation to the receipt by the person in need. This is the power of blockchain technology and Godcoin will use that technology along with it's other innovative apps and its proprietary 'Giving On Demand' platform to provide a simple and engaging way for everyone to help others. Imagine a situation where PayPal meets Facebook in a social network of goodwill and charitable giving, all running on BlockChain technology. That is what Giving on Demand seeks to do.

The Giving on Demand app will incorporate most physical payment options, as well as our very own 'real use' Godcoin and allow users the ability to donate directly from our platform and fully integrated apps. The goal is to make transactions as easy, transparent and secure as possible.
The app will work with traditional bank methods, digital payment applications and peer-to-peer banking technologies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and the Blockchain. This will enable the platform to secure, record and store sensitive information about the user, organization and financial transaction.
Security and Transparency
Th app will provide a secure and transparent platform for performing transactions. These transactions can originate from donors to non-profits, organizations to the needy, or provide peer-to-peer banking services allowing anyone in the world to contribute to a person in need.
Social Giving Platform
The app is what drives Giving on Demand technology. It connects each potential donor to the non-profit organizations in a seamless and efficient manner. We are currently developing the Giving on Demand Social Media platform to connect each individual wallet to a network of giving and goodwill.
Cut Out The Middleman
With the Giving on Demand platform, donors can cut out the middle-man and give directly to the organization, group or person of their choosing. Donors will no longer be forced into an inflexible and costly charitable giving ecosystem. With our Giving on Demand donation platform, the power and money is back in the hands of the donor!
Our platform will leverage the blockchain and gamification to allow donors to give as much or as little as they want, in real time with minimal fees. Give to a cause as it’s happening, in real-time and for the first time ever, TRACK your donation from the point in time you donate to when the recipient receives your gift!
ICO & Development Roadmap

Launching a fully integrated, proprietary 'Giving On Demand' platform whose sole purpose is to make giving easier, to help more people and organizations in need and to see that more money gets from the giver to the recipient.

Proposed Phases and Timeline

Michael Silberman
Michael Silberman
Repeat Entrepreneur, software designer and programmer. Founded one of the first Hispanic social media companies to go public,, with a market cap of $1/2 Billion. Substantial experience in building tech companies, M&A, capital transactions and bringing companies’ public. Crypto and Blockchain investor and evangelist.
Cesar Sanvicente
Cesar Sanvicente
Social Platform Dev Leader
Former CTO of Managed 35 developers building a large Hispanic social network with over 50MM users. Front-end, Back-end Engineer, UX/UI, “Full Stack” programmer, designer, developer and DevOps. Linux, Windows, Solaris; PHP/Ruby/React and RN/MySQL/PG
John Petruska
John Petruska
COB, CMO (US) Co-Founder
Founder of The Original Crypto Meetup in Southern California. Digital and Crypto Economy Speaker, Educator and Investor. Premiere Tattoo Artist to the Stars and other famous people including...John McAfee, professional athletes,musicans, Early investor in BTC...
Llewellyn Roberts Jr.
Llewellyn Roberts Jr.
Social Media Marketing (US/ZA/EU)
Online Social media, broadcast, video marketing expert. Google Adwords, FB ad campaigns. Media marketing director, Durban Christian Centre, NATGEO (White Lion, the movie), Paranah Productions, Kim Clement ministry, House of Destiny and the list goes on...
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